functional nutrition
Take the guesswork out of your nutrition
Take the guesswork out of your nutrition
The Approach





functional nutrition strongly believes that any health intervention is only successful if clients still feel better after it has stopped, so the key is to identify and eliminate the root cause, not just to treat symptoms.


functional nutrition is primarily focussed on patients and their individual imbalances, not so much on prescribing a standardised protocol for a given set of symptoms in the hope they may just be temporarily suppressed.


functional nutrition puts emphasis on thorough anamnesis, scrutiny of existing medical records, detailed analysis of old and new blood chemistry results as well as the client’s specific environmental, psychological and emotional environment.


functional nutrition acknowledges that, in many cases, diagnostic testing might be preferential to guesswork and speculation on which underlying functional imbalance may cause the patient’s signs and symptoms.


functional nutrition likes to work as a partner with the client’s physician(s) and/or other health professionals, as sharing expertise within a team which has the client’s health as a priority often achieves superior results.


functional nutrition provides general advice about health and nutrition, but has specific expertise and facility in dealing with metabolic bone diseases (especially osteoporosis and osteopenia), cardiovascular disease (especially management of cholesterol and lipid profiles) as well as the nutritional support of cancer patients.


functional nutrition considers it unethical to have financial incentives to sell supplements, nutraceuticals or tests and - therefore - only charges for the advice and passes the fully discounted wholesale price for anything else on to the client.


functional nutrition works best with patients who take an active interest in their health, who accept a certain responsibility for their wellbeing and who don't necessarily believe in quick-fix miracle solutions.









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