functional nutrition
Take the guesswork out of your nutrition
Take the guesswork out of your nutrition
The Process






1. Making Contact:
Clients interested in working with functional nutrition are offered a free 15 minute phone consultation to assess whether this might be the right approach given their specific complaints.  Future patients are then mailed an agreement form, a detailed questionnaire covering over 300 aspects of health as well as a diet and activity diary.  These documents together with copies of all available medical records and test results have to arrive at functional nutrition at least two working days before the first consultation.


2. Initial Consultation:
The first consultation takes approximately between 90 and 120 minutes.  By the time you are seen for the first time, functional nutrition has already reviewed and analysed our very detailed health questionnaire.  Furthermore, any available medical records and test results will have been scrutinised and reviewed by then.  However, you are likely to be asked additional questions for clarification and to deepen the understanding of your individual circumstances.  The possible causes underlying your health concerns will be examined in detail, and a step-by-step plan to substantiate any possible nutritional treatment protocol will be discussed.  We will negotiate an achievable and quantifiable long-term health target with you.  A baseline will be established and – in order to monitor your and our success – this assessment will be repeated after an agreed time.  Some basic assessments and procedures can already be carried out as part of your initial consultation in our offices.


3. Testing:
It may well be agreed that further testing is required to get a better handle on what exactly the underlying causes for your signs and symptoms are (see the following section).  In case these need to be outsourced, functional nutrition will provide you with all necessary information, and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled for after the results arrived and can be analysed.  All tests are sourced from the cheapest available provider without compromising accuracy and quality.  functional nutrition passes on all tests to you at the lowest wholesale price at it is available to us, and you can rest assured that we have no hidden financial benefit in suggesting any test to you!

4. Follow-up Consultation:
In most cases, a second appointment is arranged to discuss test results and/or to discuss the details and implementation of your specific nutritional program.  These consultations tend to last for 60 minutes.  We may decide that this can be done via telephone, Skype and/or email in case this would be more convenient for you.

5. End Evaluation:
After the end of the agreed nutritional protocol, functional nutrition prefers to have a brief evaluation to see whether the dietary intervention has worked and you are seeing lasting improvements.  If doubts persist, it may be advantageous to re-test the previously agreed health parameter(s) to quantify the progress.  After all, functional nutrition has only be successful and you will only refer us, if you still feel the benefits after your program has finished...



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